Delicious cooling: make ice cream for cats yourself

Not only do we humans enjoy cooling off at high temperatures, cats are also grateful for a refreshing refreshment. What is better than homemade ice cream? We'll tell you three recipes that will make your four-legged friend's heat a lot more bearable. Ice cream for cats - how can you do it yourself? - Image: Shutterstock / THMEYA

The thermometer rises and rises. Who is not happy about a cool ice cream? Unlike for dogs, it is not available for cats. But if you still want to do something good for your room tiger, you can easily make ice cream yourself. It doesn't take much for that.

Recipe 1: Frozen treats

Cut your cat's treats into an ice cube tray. Then put a treat in each compartment. Fill the container with water. Now everything has to be put in the freezer. It doesn't take long: the ice is ready for the cat after just a few hours!

Recipe 2: brew ice cubes

Another option is to boil meat. You are also welcome to add vegetables to the whole. This creates a tasty broth for the cat. After you have boiled and sieved the broth, you can pour it into ice cube trays and put it in the freezer. After a short time, your cat can lick the refreshing snack.

Recipe 3: Enjoy ice cream with chicken

If you want something more substantial for your cat, you can alternatively add cat food with chicken to puree in the mixer and add some water depending on the desired consistency. The mixed mass is then filled into ice cube molds and placed in the freezer.

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Ice cream for cats: what to consider?

Despite all the enjoyment, there are still a few things that owners should consider when it comes to ice cream for cats. The cool refreshment should not be served ice cold, for example, but only thawed.

You should also only give your velvet paw ice cream in small quantities and under supervision. Too much of the cool snack can hit your four-legged friend on the stomach due to the cold! It is not suitable for room tigers who do not work their way slowly to the ice, but swallow it instead in a hap.

And last, but not least, ice cream is just a snack for cats. It does not replace a full meal. With all of this in mind, your cat is sure to have a lot of fun studying the ice cream made especially for them.