This bitch competes with Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat was yesterday: Madame Eyebrows is the name of the bitch who currently inspires the net with her grumpy look. It could easily outstrip the famous internet cat.

A female bulldog conquers the net. The reason is her look. Because with her two spots over the eyes and the corners of her mouth that hang down, the bitch really does not look in a good mood. The four-legged friend appropriately listens to the name Madame Eyebrows.

The bulldog, who lives in Germany by the way, is a little internet star. The bitch has her own Instagram account. Her owner regularly posts pictures of the sad looking Madame Eyebrows on the photo platform. "Grumpy Dog" already has 38,000 followers - and the trend is rising.

The bad-tempered bitch is well received by her fans. "These eyebrows are better than mine" or "How cute can a dog be ?!" are just two of the many enthusiastic comments below her pictures.

Her snapshots and clips prove that Madame Eyebrows is anything but in a bad mood, contrary to her eyes. It is easy to see in these: The English Bulldog is playful and likes to romp around.

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