Dog stunned: statue does not want to play with him

Border Collie Hurley just wants to play. The iron statue on the beach doesn't really like the dog. The four-legged friend no longer understands the world. Fortunately, this sweet and equally funny moment was captured with a camera.

Border Collie Hurley goes for a walk at Crosby Beach in Liverpool when his cute fur nose suddenly discovers a figure on the beach. The dog runs towards her completely euphoric, on the false assumption that she is human.

Hurley puts a ball in front of the iron statue's feet and hopes that it will throw it. And what happens then? Of course nothing. But the Border Collie can't really understand that. Completely confused, the dog looks at its owner. He finds the situation extremely amusing.

In a conversation with the British "Metro", the owner reveals: "It was pretty funny when he approached the statue, and at some point he looked at me questioningly: 'What's going on?' He's not used to being ignored. He tried to move the statue to play for about a minute before finally giving up and walking on. "

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