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AJ Nirvana Battle: is this the most stylish dog in the world?

The Afghan hound AJ Nirvana Battle is hard to beat in terms of glamor. No wonder, his owner Kevin Chan has a good price for the look of his four-legged friend.

AJ Nirvana Battle is three years old and lives in China. When Kevin Chan walks with his four-legged friend through the streets, the animal is likely to attract a few looks. Reason: The fur nose looks really stylish. This is not surprising, considering that its owner invests a lot of money and time in the care and look of the Afghan hound.

To keep his fur nice and smooth, Kevin Chan combs his dog six to eight hours a week. Baden is on the four-legged friend's beauty program every seven to ten days.
But that's not all: Because for the look of AJ Nirvana Battle, Kevin Chan reaches deep into his pocket. According to "The Sun", the owner has already spent the equivalent of around 13,000 euros for grooming equipment for his dog.

Kevin Chan also told the British paper: "When I decided to take Battle home with me, he was already the most beautiful dog in the world. He is now part of the family, so I don't mind time and money to invest in him. "

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