After visiting the vet: dog gives owner a bad look

This owner only wants to pick up his dog from the vet. But when he sees his four-legged friend, he knows immediately that he is in trouble. Because the boxer has a unique view of the warehouse.

A dog owner picks up his boxer from the vet. But no trace of joy. On the contrary. Master gets a bad look. The four-legged friend sits like petrified in his cell. Only his eyes wander. They track owners and the camera.

But somebody seems to be pretty pissed off. Whether the fur nose is resentful because it was dragged to the vet? At least, many YouTube users suspect that, who enjoy the short clip.

"It's a boxer thing," says one user, while another says, "He looks like he's definitely going to put a pile on something you love." A third person also finds that the dog's gaze speaks volumes: "Wait until we are home."

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