Cat romance: Ragdoll cat Timo meets his great love for the first time

Ragdoll Timo has had an eye on the neighboring cat for a long time. Now he and the kitty met for the first time - simply heartwarming this animal romance!

Whether through the fence or through the window, Timo watches the neighboring cat at every turn. Her eyes met one time or another. The little velvet paw doesn't seem to be completely uninterested in the Ragdoll. So far, the two have been close, but so far. Timo and his cat lady have never met directly - that is changing now.

It was only a matter of time that the two eventually found each other: When Ragdoll tomcat Timo noticed the neighboring cat one evening in his owner's garden, there was no stopping him. At last he and his cuddly friend can spend time together.

Ragdoll cat: gentle giant with blue eyes