Stupid chicken? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Poultry is pretty smart

Admittedly, chickens do not make a clever impression at first glance. There can be no question of the stupid chicken, as the proverbial saying goes. The poultry is smart and clever. Who would have thought that? Chickens are smarter than their reputation - Image: Shutterstock / Naurora

Nobody wants to be compared to a chicken because they are proverbially considered stupid. But with this statement we are doing injustice to poultry, as scientists have found. In fact, the poultry is smarter than its reputation.

Studies show that chickens are really smart

Numerous studies provide evidence that chickens are not stupid, including that of Lori Marino. The scientist took a closer look at the intelligence of chickens. The US biologist has compiled her results in the journal "Animal Cognition" - no trace of "stupid chicken"!

Communication and self-control

According to the scientific report, communication between poultry is more complex than often assumed. In addition to a repertoire of 24 different sounds, chickens are also able to communicate non-verbally with visual signs.

In addition, chickens have a certain sense of time: if they are offered tasty food, the birds prefer to wait and show a degree of self-control. They don't eat greedily, says Lori Marino.

Compassion and deception

The animals can also show compassion. If, for example, the fluff of a chick was disheveled by a gust of wind in front of its mother hen, it developed stress symptoms similar to those of the startled offspring.

Chickens can, however, do something completely different, namely tricking and deceiving. Inferior roosters attract hens when they find food, without the typical "Dok-dok" calls, so that the alpha rooster does not notice anything.

Pock, pock, pock! A portrait of the domestic chicken

Understanding of math and physics

In addition, even before the scientific study by Lori Marino, Italian researchers came to the conclusion that chicks can calculate. They are able to distinguish large from small quantities. This was shown by tests with yellow plastic eggs.

In addition to a rough understanding of math, chickens also seem to be familiar with physical laws. The poultry can memorize the trajectory of a ball for up to three minutes and predict where it will hit.

Conclusion: because of stupid chicken!

Chickens have personal idiosyncrasies, can deceive each other and are able to draw logical conclusions. Because of these amazing skills, they are smarter than expected. It is all the more important, according to Lori Marino, to rethink the factory farming of chickens. Such an attitude would not do justice to the clever poultry.