Recognizing hypnotism in the dog: tips

An apparent disorder in the dog is manifested by abnormalities in the behavior and on the body of the bitch. Her hormones pretend that she is pregnant. A pseudo pregnancy occurs particularly often in small dog breeds. Find out here how you can recognize the phenomenon and tips on how to use it correctly. Recognizing hypocrisy in dogs: Tips - Photo: Shutterstock / Omelianenko Anna

Recognizing hypocrisy in dogs: Tips - Photo: Shutterstock / Omelianenko Anna Tips: How to remove dog hair on clothes - Photo: Shutterstock / BestPhotoStudio

The bitch's complicated hormone cycle sometimes reveals an illusion. This is a natural process that is not a cause for concern - as long as your animal remains sociable.

Recognizing hypocrisy in dogs: causes and symptoms

The cause of sham pregnancies in bitches is hormonal changes during and after heat. A strong drop in the hormone progesterone in the blood with a simultaneous increase in the level of prolactin in some bitches ensures that, among other things, the glandular tissue of the mammal grows and triggers a feeling of pregnancy in the bitch.

About three to twelve weeks after the heat, affected animals then show physical and psychological abnormalities. This includes:

● Swelling of the bitch's mammal, possibly milk production
● depressive or aggressive behavior
● pronounced nest building behavior
● Development of mother instincts towards objects such as toys

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Hypnotism in dogs: tips for correct handling

If you recognize the symptoms described above in your pet, it is likely that she is suffering from a sham pregnancy. However, treatment is not always necessary. After two to three weeks, the bitch's hormone level has returned to normal and the symptoms subside. However, you can support your animal during the period of hypocrisy.

A tip: distract your dog, do a lot with her and keep her away from toys that she could mother. However, if she has already chosen a "dummy puppy", you should not remove it so as not to stir up the restlessness of your favorite. A frill also prevents the bitch from licking the eyes and promoting inflammation.

What to do if the bitch gets aggressive?

Your dog may develop unusually aggressive behavior during hypocrisy. This can be dangerous, for example, if there are small children in the household who take the toys away from the bitch. The urge to hoard, coupled with the protective instinct of the hypocritical, poses a growing risk to children.

If your dog shows such symptoms, a visit to the veterinarian is advisable. He will inform you about the treatment options and, if necessary, inform you about the possibility of castration.