Tom Maru trains his climbing skills on cardboard

Typically, Scottish-fold tomcat Maru is known for squeezing himself into the smallest possible boxes. In this video, however, the famous cat has set its sights on climbing onto a large box. However, this is not even that easy.

The top of the box gives way every time Maru tries to climb it. As a result, he keeps slipping down with his plush valuables. But the hangover doesn't give up that quickly ... and he actually manages to get on the box. But his new seat is not as stable as he thought. Zack! He has already tumbled down on the other side.

The second time around it looks better. This time Maru manages to sit on the box longer. But here, too, he finally slides back down with his four letters. "Doesn't matter, then I'll just look for another place to relax," the friendly cat seems to think, and simply leaves the box as box.

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