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Groats in dogs: are the skin nubs dangerous?

Groats bags in dogs are also known as semolina nodes or atheroma. These are clogged sebaceous glands that appear as cysts on the skin. In the following, you will find out whether a visit to the vet is necessary or the small skin nubs are harmless. If in doubt, you should always have groats in your dog examined by the veterinarian - Shutterstock / Africa Studio

To prevent the skin from drying out, it is regularly greased with sebum. The so-called sebum glands produce the lubricant and continuously release it outside. Dead glands or dried up sebum can occasionally clog the glands. As a result, the sebum is no longer distributed on the skin, but accumulates in a capsule at the exit duct of the gland - a groats bag is created.

What are groats bags in dogs and what do they look like?

Groats bags are collections of glandular secretions, dead skin cells and fat, which together form a cyst. Other names for the skin lump are semolina, atheroma, sebum retention cyst and follicle retention cyst. They can be as small as a mustard seed, but can also be as big as a chicken egg. The cysts grow very slowly and can often only be seen when they are larger.

The skin nodes feel plump and firm, but at the same time elastic. You can move the knobs back and forth on the skin. It is possible that the blocked duct of the sebum can be recognized as a small black dot on the groats bag. Grouse areas are particularly often affected by hairy parts of the body, for example on the back or neck.

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Are groats bags dangerous? When to go to the vet

The groats bag itself is harmless and can - if it doesn't bother your dog - remain untreated. However, especially large cysts or atheromas in unfavorable parts of the body (neck or elbows) can become uncomfortable for your dog. Groats bags can also catch fire, making them resemble an abscess. In both cases, it is best to take your dog to the vet as soon as possible so that he can remove the knot surgically.

Important! Never try to express the semolina knots yourself. This can cause dangerous inflammation and the bacteria may be distributed throughout the body due to the pressure. Have groats pouches operated out only at the veterinarian.

If you are not sure whether a skin lump is a groats bag, go to the vet with your dog. He can examine your dog and see if treatment is needed.