Sleeping place: This is how your dog will sleep peacefully

There is no general recommendation for the correct sleeping place for your dog. The choice depends mainly on the taste of the owner and especially that of the four-legged friend. Nevertheless, some tips can help you find the perfect berth. Picture: Shutterstock / Cheryl E. Davis

With a good upbringing and the correct positioning of the dog basket, you can influence where your dog's sleeping place is, but you should also pay attention to his preferences and the species-appropriate attitude of your favorite. Because too much sun, drafts and the like are harmful.

Tips for the right sleeping place for your dog

When looking for a comfortable place to sleep, it depends on your four-legged friend's preferences, but upbringing also plays an important role. If you do not want your dog to sleep in your bed or on the sofa with dirty paws, then he shouldn't. If he, as a small puppy, is allowed to sleep on their bedclothes at night, he does not understand if he is scolded as an adult dog or with dirty fur as soon as he wants to snuggle up to you.

It is easiest if your four-legged friend sleeps on the floor from the start. To ensure that your dog is well on the floor, the area should be protected from drafts and direct sunlight and be equipped with a blanket for cuddling or a cozy dog ​​bed. Tip: Older four-legged friends need a softer surface to protect the old bones.

Pay attention to the size of the sleeping area

If you choose a dog basket or dog pillow as a sleeping place for your friend on four paws, then you should make sure to get one in the right size. Each breed needs a different amount of space. The scope should therefore be adapted to your own bello. Feel free to ask for recommendations in specialist shops. You will be well advised here.

The texture is also an important criterion: baskets made of willow or plastic have a solid base and give your dog a lot of support. Plastic is weatherproof and easier to clean than the natural material willow. A raised rim can store body heat better, is extremely popular with many four-legged partners and even offers health benefits. Your loyal journeyman will be extremely comfortable and padded and will hardly have any calluses. So there is no shortage of alternatives, for every four-legged friend the right sleeping place and equipment can be found as required.

The most common mistakes when choosing a place to sleep

Because the dog basket or blanket is not quite as decorative, some dog owners banish them to an extra room or a far corner. A mistake, because the dog as a social being needs to be close to its family. If he is expelled, he does not come to rest and tries to integrate himself again into his "pack".

But be careful: Even a sleeping place in the middle of the room does not let your fur nose sleep relaxed. She needs a retreat from which she can see everything, but is not constantly disturbed by guests passing by or children playing.