Second dog: How to get two dogs used to each other

A second dog in the house can change your family life positively. But keep in mind that the animals have to get used to each other first. With the right tips, your favorites can be brought together without major problems. Image: Shutterstock / Raywoo

A second dog in the family is a blessing not only for the people, but especially for the two dogs. After all, there is nothing like a dear fellow with whom you can play. You can find tips on how to get two dogs used to each other here.

Second dog in the household: tips for preparation

In dogs, love doesn't just go through the stomach, but above all through the nose. So take your dog's toys, blankets and leashes and let the other dog sniff them. This way they both get to know each other better.

Tip: Pay attention to how your four-legged friends react to the smell of the other. If the objects are snarled or buried, the second dog should only be introduced at a later time. The main thing is that none of your favorites feel disadvantaged or neglected when you get used to them.

First encounter: get used to each other at a safe distance

At the first encounter, a neutral environment is ideal. Choose a secluded spot, a cordoned off green area or the nearby park. To bring your loyal companions together, you need a helper who meets the first dog after a short familiarization phase with the second dog. Socialized dogs can contact each other without a leash. But if you don't know how your four-legged friend will react, in the best case use a towline for safety. More on the topic in the guide: "Encounter training with the dog: make dogs known".

Second dog moves in: What to do if you are jealous?

If a second dog moves in, jealousy can occur: Is the ranking between two dogs ...

Two dogs get used to each other in the apartment

If both dogs are relaxed, you can lead them into the apartment or into the house. You should accompany the settling in as gently and confidently as possible. It can take up to two weeks for everyone to find their place in the new pack. Rank fights are usually normal - the hierarchy within a dog group must be regulated, even when things get a little rough at times. However, as a holder, make sure that everything stays in the frame.

More tips for bringing two dogs together

• Take enough time to bring your sofa wolves together. Patience and calm are the be-all and end-all.
• Provide both dogs with their own separate feeding places.
• Each dog needs its own sleeping space, which is separated from the other place.
• No animal should feel disadvantaged or neglected - it is important that you pay the same attention to both dogs and, for example, that you no longer spend time with the newcomer.
• Allow rank fights to happen - it is normal for one dog to submit to the other. Just make sure that nothing gets out of hand. Supervise both arguments very well in the beginning.
• Make sure you spend a lot of time together; visit a dog meadow, for example, and always go on excursions with both dogs. Playing together is very important because the fun connects.
• Visit the dog school as a freshly formed pack: Playing and learning together will weld you, your first dog and the newly added partner together.