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Purring seduction: cats give flirting tips

A dreamy bedroom view, a confident pose - these cats know how to wrap their counterparts around their paws. In this video, the pussy cats reveal their personal tips on the art of seduction.

Forget everything you thought you knew about the art of seduction. Now cats are revealing the five ultimate rules for an animal hot flirt. After all, everyone knows that the stubborn velvet paws always get their will. So why should the seduction be different? If you want to do the same, you should stick to the following 5-step program:

Number one: Make intensive eye contact. The penetrating staring has long since perfected the kitty.

Number two: Don't be afraid of rejection. If the adored person extends the claws, this is no reason to hide.

Number three: Show what you have. The fur noses in the clip show how to throw yourself in an animal pose. Incidentally, the room tigers also prove that they are the masters of casual lounging, whether between the sheets on the bed or on the couch.

Number four: Make your intentions clear. Do not sneak around on quiet paws, but send out unmistakable signals.

Number five: Lastly, you shouldn't be too subtle about all of these steps. A furry Don Juan always goes all out.

Now it's time to stop having a hangover and try it out. However, everyone has to find out for themselves whether the four-legged tactics actually help people succeed.

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