Sooo fluffy! Maru and Hana viewed from below

No question: Maru and Hana are real professionals in front of the camera. Even a drastic change of perspective doesn't bother the furry duo. The cats are once again showing off their cozy chocolate side in the latest video.

The cat fans are literally upside down, because surely they have never seen the YouTube velvet paws Maru and Hana like this. With a glass box you can see the animal net stars from below. An idea that ten-year-old tomcat Maru is obviously enthusiastic about. Without further ado, he shooed Hana, who was six years his junior, off his new glass platform, because it is clear: in this house he is the king. However, the tough cat lady is not impressed by this and jumps back onto the disc with an elegant sentence.

Schleck attack

However, as soon as the mistress Matatabi spray sprays on the surface, the chatter goes into the next round. "Everything is mine!" Thinks Maru and quickly tries to secure as much of the Japanese catnip as possible. But Hana has also noticed the tempting scent and is not so enthusiastic that Maru does not want to share. However, he is not put off by his little girlfriend's angry shocks. With a paw and a little brainwork, the plush colossus Hana keeps her distance. When it comes to dry food, Scottish-fold tomcat Maru seems to be reconciled again. After all, Hana is his best friend. The two fur noses lick the treats off the glass in comradely camaraderie - to the delight of their followers.

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