"May I come with you? Please!" - Kitten wants to be adopted

Yikes, where are you from? Actually, the creators of this funny video just wanted to go for a walk in the neighborhood with their dog. But this little fleece ball suddenly appears out of nowhere.

A walk through the familiar neighborhood occasionally brings some surprises and unexpected encounters. But one like to make such a cute acquaintance: With a raised tail and clumsy steps, a baby cat suddenly hops after a dog and its owner.

Her new friends do not know where she comes from and who she belongs to. Stray cats are not uncommon in Cleveland, Ohio, where the video was recorded. But what is obvious: The kitten is very affectionate and no longer leaves its adoptive parents.

"Waaartet! Take me with you! Please!", It seems to want to call, while struggling to keep up with its short legs. Of course, the dog and owner cannot say no and take in the little room tiger who follows them to the front door as a new family member.

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