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Mama-Miez wakes up her little ones with a cuddle lesson

"Good morning, wake up!" This loving mom-cat carefully wakes up her fluffy offspring - and immediately moves on to the cleaning ritual. The sleepy baby kittens don't seem quite ready for the new day, as this cute video shows.

"Do we really have to get up?" Snuggled close together, the little kittens blink at their mother from half-opened eyes. But mom knows no mercy. She begins to energetically clean the little late risers.

However, one of her five offspring doesn't seem to be impressed. Even when the owner gently strokes his head, the little lazy-head hardly moves. While three of his siblings are already picking up breakfast from mom, the little room tiger comes to slowly. But after extensive yawning and stretching, life finally seems to come into the cute sleepy hat. Now the whole cat family is ready for the new day.