Landseer: education and dog sport for the big dogs

The Landseer is also often referred to as a friendly giant who shows great willingness to learn. Nevertheless, you should keep the following tips in mind when training and in dog sport. The Landseer needs an education in which he is given tasks - Image: Shutterstock / Pandas

A Landseer brings along a sensitive and friendly being. But it also applies: As a former herd guard dog, the Landseer is a watchful four-legged friend who likes to design himself. The hunting instinct of this breed is less pronounced, but it has a natural protection and guard instinct. This dog wants to be used, it needs to be well motivated - perfect for taking on tasks and fulfilling them with full commitment.

Education: Use the zeal of the Landseer

The need to be used is deeply rooted in the nature of the Landseer. In order to match this character trait, you should definitely take care of appropriate tasks when raising your fur nose. Look for requirements that your four-legged friend will be happy to meet. These can be manageable activities if your dog is carrying the newspaper, for example, or is regularly allowed to keep the garden door closed.

But the Landseer also performs extensive, complex tasks excellently. He is able to intuitively find a promising solution and make the right decisions. For example, this breed is often used as a therapy or water rescue dog. Including in most cases innate child-friendliness, all of which are great strengths, but which still require a lot of consistency in the upbringing. Precisely because the Landseer likes to make its own decisions, you should keep an eye on the ranking. However, it is less about dominance than clear rules, consistency and security.

Learning behavior in dogs: how does it work?

If you understand the learning behavior of the dog, it is easier for him to issue commands and other desired behaviors ...

Which dog sport is suitable for the Landseer?

The physical constitution of the Landseer does not exactly make him a professional in dog sports like agility or flyball. The situation is completely different, for example when it comes to dummy training, in which objects have to be taken out of the water and retrieved. Then you will experience a companion who devotes himself to his task with great passion and joy.

Obedience is also ideal for challenging and promoting the Landseer. It is a dog sport that requires great obedience. Your four-legged friend has to perform different exercises with great precision on your command. Footwork and control at a distance are the focus of the tasks. For example, the four-legged friend should reach marking points from a great distance using visual and audio signals, switch positions between "sitting", "standing" and "place" or retrieve different objects. If you want to start at obedience tournaments, you must have successfully passed an assistance dog exam.