Education: This is important for the Labrador

The Labrador Retriever is an intelligent and docile dog. That usually makes his upbringing relatively uncomplicated. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind - you can find out what they are here. If you stay consistent, the education of the Labrador is relatively uncomplicated - Image: Shutterstock / Zeljko Radojko

The education of the Labrador is also suitable for beginners. A good level of consistency is of course just as important as a large portion of empathy. But the four-legged friend is very motivated, learns quickly and likes to please his person ("will to please"). A Labrador usually accepts various commands and commands very quickly.

Education: starting early is important

It is important that you start raising your new roommate very early. The four-legged friend should learn to be house-trained and understand first commands as early as the puppy age. As with all other dog breeds, it is important for the Labrador that you always give the commands in the same tone, say "space" always with the same voice. This makes it easier for your four-legged friend to correctly assign and implement commands. In the puppy or dog school you can get support to raise your labrador if necessary.

With treats and praises, you will usually get very positive results in raising this breed. Labradors are very docile and usually accept new lessons well and quickly.

Labrador Retriever: A great family dog

Consequence in raising the Labrador is important

Which rules you specifically set up for your Labrador is up to you. You decide whether the dog can enter the bedroom or lie on the sofa, for example. It is important that the four-legged friend follows these guidelines from the start. If he violates the rule, it often helps to look at him with a fixed look for a long time and punishably. You can also teach him the "No" command

You should pay attention to this with the Labrador

This dog is very friendly and open - even too open for some people. With his enthusiastic nature, the Labrador does not meet with enthusiasm everywhere, especially because of its size. It is important in the upbringing that you teach him a certain reticence towards strangers from an early age. Your dog shouldn't greet everyone with eager starts - even if he means it well. Since labradors are often very affectionate and focused on their owner or mistress, they cannot stay alone well. You also have to take this into account during the upbringing and train the four-legged friend so that it is occasionally on its own and does not always have people around.

You should also not underestimate the temperament of your Labrador. The animals enjoy learning and want to be challenged. A function as a cozy family dog ​​alone is not enough to keep the Labrador busy. For example, you could teach him to retrieve. Your dog is predestined for it, after all, the English word for retrieve, "retrieve", is already in its full name: Labrador Retriever. As a result, training is easy for most animals and they get employment and exercise at the same time.