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Scottish fold kittens play bowling according to their rules

What's the best way to keep naughty Scottish Fold kittens? With bowling, like in the video. However, the little cats don't even think about complying with the official rules of the game - and prefer to invent their own.

Bowling is actually not allowed to step onto the fairway and then topple over the skittles with your feet if the ball has not caught everyone. Regardless, the Scottish-Fold kittens think, and run after the ball full of vigor. They find that the plastic cups that serve as cones rustle and clatter very nicely when they fall over - no cat can resist them!

With a lot of fun, they kick and knot the cups around, occasionally nudge the ball and cause a shambles. Only when her big cat brother Rocky finally sees to it that the chaos subsides a bit. Pretty cheeky, the cute fur lines!

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