Sweet cat names from A to H

Really cute kittens should get what they deserve: cute cat names. If you are looking for inspiration, you will definitely find it here - from A for "Anubis" to H for "Hugo". Cute kittens need cute cat names - Image: Shutterstock / Poprotskiy Alexey

A cat's name should best reflect its idiosyncrasies. However, your velvet paw can better refer to cute cat names if they are not as long and end with a light vowel like "i". You can find more tips on this in our guide "Choosing a cat name: you should pay attention to this".

Cute cat names with A for "Avanti"

- Aaron
- Abraxas (deity and name of the raven in "The Little Witch" by Ottfried Preußler)
- Ali Baba (character from the collection of stories "One Thousand and One Nights")
- Aimée (French for "beloved")
- Amy
- Angel (English for "angel")
- Annie
- Anton
- Anubis (Egyptian deity)
- Archimedes (Greek mathematician)
- Ariel (the little mermaid)
- Artemis (Greek goddess)
- Attila (the King of the Huns)
- Avanti (Italian for "forward")

B: "Bijou" is a little treasure

- Bandit
- Balu
- Bastet (cat goddess in Egyptian mythology)
- Batman
- Beatrice
- Beethoven
- Belle (French for "The Beautiful")
- Belmondo (after the French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo)
- Betty
- Bibi
- Biggi
- Bijou (French for "trinket")
- bobble
- Boomer
- Briska

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C: Cleopatra for the little cat's nose

- Caesar
- Carmen
- Casimir
- Casper
- Cassius (ancient Roman name and birth name of boxer Muhammad Ali)
- Charlotte
- Charly
- Chico
- Chilli
- Cleopatra
- Clyde (Bonnie and Clyde were a famous American gangster couple during the Great Depression)
- Cicero (Roman politician and philosopher)
- Cookie (English for "biscuit")
- Cupcake (English for "tartlet")

Cute cat names with D like "Dori"

- Danny
- Da Vinci (Italian artist, engineer and philosopher)
- Destiny (English for "fate")
- DiCaprio (American actor)
- Diego (saber-toothed tiger from the animated film "Ice Age")
- Django (film character from an Italian Western series)
- Dodo
- Dolittle ("Doctor Dolittle and His Animals" by Hugh Lofting is a children's book about a doctor who can talk to animals)
- Dori (cartoon character from the animated films "Finding Nemo" and "Finding Dori")

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E: "Emil" and the cat detectives

- Easy (English for "easy" and "relaxed")
- Eddy
- Einstein
- Elaine
- Elias
- Elliot
- Elsa
- Elvis
- Emma
- Emil
- Angel

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Cute cat names with F: cheeky "Filou"

- Felix
- Filou (French for "rascal" or "crook")
- Findus
- Flake
- Fluffy (English for "plushy")
- Bum
- Freddie
- Frieda
- Fritz
- lint

G: "Gustav", the fluffy lucky guy

- Garfield
- Gepetto (The 'Father' of Pinocchio from the children's book of the same name by Carlo Collodi)
- Giovanni
- Gonzo
- Gustav (Gustav Gans is Donald Duck's cousin and is always lucky)
- Gypsy

Sweet cat names: "Hanni" and "Henry"

- Hanni
- Hedwig (Snowy Owl by Harry Potter from the book series by J.K. Rowling)
- Henry
- Hercules (hero of Greek mythology)
- Hobbit
- Hugo

But how do the fur noses learn sweet cat names best? You can read about this in our guide "How to teach your cat its name".