Little kitten rescued from abandoned hospital

The video begins like a thriller - Joshua Gold takes photos in an abandoned hospital. Then he suddenly hears strange noises and gets to the bottom of them. What he discovers is incredible.

At first Joshua doesn't know where the sounds are coming from. Little by little he approaches the source and discovers a four-week-old kitten that is trapped in a shaft and does not come out alone. Joshua gets tools and a ladder and can finally free the sugar-sweet kitten from the predicament. Nobody knows how long the tiny furrow has been crouching down there. The rescuer took the velvet paw home and pimped it up - there was delicious cat food, a little fun and games and a large portion of love. Joshua baptized the Minimiez Leonard, based on the Leonard Hospital, where the little stray dog ​​was found. A nice happy ending!

A handful of cats: ten sugar-sweet kittens