Maltipoo: What is his character like?

An important reason why the Maltipoo is becoming an increasingly popular family dog ​​in Germany is its great character. With his many positive qualities that he inherited from his Maltese and poodle parents, the dear four-legged friend gives his owners a lot of joy! The Maltipoo has a happy and affectionate nature - Image: Shutterstock / Rob Hainer

If you are looking for a calm, fun-loving four-legged friend who gets on well with children and has little hunting instinct, you will find just such a dog in the Maltipoo. It is considered relatively uncomplicated and is also suitable for beginners. Of course, the Maltese-Poodle mongrel still needs enough employment and an appropriate upbringing.

The Maltipoo: A gentle, friendly dog

The curly, happy half-breed is happy in a family that has a lot of time for him, plays with him and takes nice walks with him every day. He is affectionate, easy-going, meek and a great companion for children. However, the children should be a little bigger, because toddlers are not yet able to assess how to deal with such a small dog. It could happen that they want to lift and carry the four-legged friend or they accidentally touch him too tightly. This could injure the petite four-legged friend and suffer pain.

In addition to normal dog toys, dog games that challenge its intelligence are also suitable for occupying the cute pet, because the little clever dog is very docile. He inherited this trait from both parents, the poodle and the Maltese. Whether learning tricks, clicker training or retrieving: The Maltipoo is there! The small dogs are also considered loyal and people-related, so you should involve the four-legged friends in your everyday life as often as possible. For example, clarify with your employer whether you can take your animal companion to the office.

Small, sweet Maltese: family dog ​​with character

Social and uncomplicated: a dog for all cases

The Maltipoo is always in a good mood and joking. He is good on walks, but confident. Since he usually has very little hunting instinct and is not prone to yapping, he is a pleasant contemporary, even outside the house! A prerequisite for this is a loving upbringing, in which you can best use positive reinforcement. A harsh tone, impatience and punishments are more harmful to these dogs because they can destroy the trust and bond between humans and animals. Be nice to the little guy, but still express yourself clearly and understandably for dogs. You can find tips on this in our guide "How your dog understands commands better: 5 tips".

He usually gets along very well with other animals, because aggressive behavior is foreign to the small mix of Maltese and poodle. Nevertheless, it should of course be socialized just as well as any other dog. For the Maltipoo-Dame Blanca in the following video this seems to have worked out well: