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Give dog: What are possible reasons?

Whoever has to hand over his dog always does so with a heavy heart. The step is always heartbreaking for humans and four-legged friends, but sometimes there is no other way out than separation. What are the possible reasons and where can you hand in your dog? Submission should always be the last step - Shutterstock / woottigon

If you have to hand over your beloved dog, you should do it correctly. But what does right and wrong mean in such a case? On the whole, it's about paying attention to what happens to the animal and keeping the dog in a loving posture. It's all about the dog's wellbeing!

Possible reasons why you have to hand over the dog

There are several reasons that separate humans and dogs. It is not always easy to judge what is understandable and what is not. It is important that a dog is only given when there is no other way out and when the animal's well-being cannot be guaranteed otherwise. A separation is usually very serious for the animals - on the one hand they miss their old owners and on the other hand it can be very stressful to adjust to a new life situation. Possible reasons why you have to hand over your dog could be:

Family changes: A sudden separation or the birth of a child can mess up family life. Tips that make a separation from the dog unnecessary in the case of a new family member can be found in the guide: "Dogs and children: This is how it works".
Career changes: New job, too little time for the dog, maybe more travel - unfortunately, professional changes are one of the main reasons why people no longer have time for their animals.
Careless purchase: If you buy a dog, you should always think carefully about this step. Unfortunately, in practice it happens again and again that people allow themselves to be rushed to buy a dog and then eventually find that they are overwhelmed with the great responsibility.
behavior problems: The dog shows a certain problem behavior, for example becomes aggressive or even bites. Sometimes an illness, such as dementia, is responsible for sudden, problematic dog behavior. Talk to your veterinarian first; If the dog does not find anything, consult a dog trainer or dog therapist before considering a donation.
Financial problems: Veterinarian bills, feed costs and Co. add to the account. Unfortunately, many dog ​​owners can suddenly no longer afford a four-legged friend, for example after losing their job, so they have to hand over the dog.
Death or illness: Unfortunately, it can also happen that people can no longer take care of their pets and keep them properly because they themselves have physical ailments or die. Then a delivery can usually not be prevented.

Dog from the shelter: you should pay attention to this

A dog from the shelter is just as great as a dog from the breeder. Animal shelters are also ...

Where can I drop off my dog?

If you have to hand over your dog, you should definitely make sure that the four-legged friend comes to a loving place where he can be happy. Possible contact points are:

animal Shelters: Animal shelters usually take money when people hand over their dogs. The homes have high running costs, despite volunteer work, because the dogs need a species-appropriate husbandry. If you cannot afford the fee, there is usually a solution - you will not normally let dog owners in need and especially their dogs down.
organizations: In many places, private animal welfare organizations offer to take care of dogs that have been given up. The animal rights activists then distribute the fur noses to private and experienced foster homes. Unfortunately, for understandable reasons, they can rarely work free of charge, so that the submission also costs something here.
Ads on the Internet or in the newspaper: You can also advertise on the Internet or in newspapers. Then you should absolutely provide information on age, gender, breed, weight, height, type and color of fur as well as vaccinations, training, previous husbandry and also personal preferences and quirks of the animal - completeness and honesty are essential here. Important: usual is to charge a nominal fee to stop dubious dog dealers. Make sure you take the time to meet the potential customer in detail to determine whether the buyer can offer your dog a loving, species-appropriate home. If this is the case, you can drop the nominal fee as a nice gesture. Tip: ask if you can take a personal look at the new home to get a better picture.
Friends and family members: Probably the best way to house your dog is to leave it with friends or family you trust. Also here applies: Clarify the future owners about all important things that concern your dog.

Wherever you give your dog - explain the future owners exactly about all preferences, diseases, peculiarities and habits of the animal. Be absolutely honest and think about the welfare of the animal.