Persian cat: posture and proper care

A beautiful, cat-friendly apartment is sufficient for keeping a Persian cat. With its calm temperament, the fluffy velvet paw does not necessarily insist on being outdoors, but enjoys cuddling with your favorite person. Under which conditions do Persian cats feel most comfortable? - Image: Shutterstock / Ronnachai Palas

Her relaxed temperament makes keeping the Persian cat very straightforward. She does not necessarily need to have access or extravagant climbing opportunities to be happy. She prefers beautiful, warm cuddly spots and a lot of love from her owners. Against a beautiful view, for example from a comfortable heating couch by the window, it has absolutely no objection!

The Persian cat and her ideal posture

Cozy baskets, blankets on the sofa and pats from their owner: making the cozy Persian cat happy is not difficult. She is moderately active, but not the worst hunter. She likes to get involved in one or the other fishing and hunting game with her owner and small to medium-sized scratching opportunities enable her to carefully pursue her important claw care.

The little Persian tomcat Marlin in the video shows how playful this cat breed can be:

Balanced food, which is administered in small portions, supports the health of the pedigree cat and also the beauty of the long fur can, especially when changing fur, use a little support about cat nutrition. Malt, vitamins and other nutritional supplements ensure a beautiful coat shine and prevent hairballs.

Four nutritional supplements for beautiful cat fur

Beautiful, shiny and healthy fur is the business card for health and well-being of our ...

Grooming: important and time-consuming

The fur of the Persian cat must be combed and untangled regularly. Plan enough extra time for this right from the start. Comb your cat thoroughly once a day or every two days. It is best to get your pet used to it from an early age, so you both have it easier.

Once the coat of the longhair cat is matted, it is very difficult to untangle it again - this is also a reason why the Persian cat is not very suitable as a free-range walker because sticks and dirt easily get caught in their fur and cling to it. If the cat's eyes or nose are running or sticky, gently clean the area around them with warm water and a soft, lint-free cloth.

Persian tomcat Dante and his owner give tips for grooming in the next video: