Appenzeller Sennenhund: character and essence

The Appenzeller Sennenhund is a special breed of dog that is known for its liveliness and amiability. The intrepid bundles of energy are an asset to any family. Here you can learn more about the character and nature and whether the breed suits you or not. This young Appenzeller Sennenhund enjoys retrieving - Shutterstock / MyImages - Micha

Unfortunately, the Appenzeller Sennenhund is a breed that is threatened with extinction. The Swiss is valued by dog ‚Äč‚Äčlovers - and rightly so. The medium-sized robust and sporty racers with the characteristic post horn rod and pointed ears are loyal companions and have many good properties.

Appenzeller Sennenhund: A strong character

There are many characteristics that describe the character of the mountain dog, above all lively, courageous, active and loyal. The dog cannot be put off by anything. Typical of the dog breed is its extraordinarily good observation skills - they also notice little things in everyday life and are generally very attentive. The four-legged friends are extremely faithful and loyal to well-known companions and their heart people. On the other hand, an Appenzeller Sennenhund can sometimes be very suspicious of strangers. It is not for nothing that dogs are excellent guardians or like to work as watchdogs or herding dogs.

A being who wants to be challenged

The spirited, work-mad nature of the Appenzeller Sennenhund is not for couch potatoes. The dog breed wants to be employed, needs exercise and employment. He was originally bred as a working dog - his genes, in a sense, drive him to prefer an active lifestyle. He likes people and usually gets along very well with children. The Appenzeller likes to combine his high intelligence with his physical agility - properly trained, he can, for example, easily round up a large herd of cattle and does not rest until every cattle is back in its place. At the same time, the dogs have a very patient nature, which, in conjunction with their strong human focus, makes them ideal for training as guide dogs.

Find dog breeders: There are several options

You can find a reputable dog breeder not only through a newspaper ad or the telephone book ...

Does an Appenzeller mountain dog suit me?

Based on the descriptions of the character and nature, you can already see whether the dog breed suits you or not. The best way to buy an Appenzeller Sennenhund is when you can keep it busy - both physically and mentally. If you maintain an active lifestyle and incorporate the four-legged friend into it, he will thank you. The bundles of energy feel most comfortable when they have a task that they can perform regularly. Dog sports or competitive dog sports are also generally accepted.

Ideally, you live in a rural environment in which the vital mountain dog can really let off steam and live out. Long-term living in a narrow city apartment is not good for the nimble nature lover. By the way: Most Appenzellers are very bell-happy. If you are quickly annoyed by high dog barking, you should consider buying the dog again.

Tip: If you are still unsure about whether an Appenzeller Sennenhund suits you or not, ask a reputable breeder and find out together whether the dog breed is the right one for you.