4 dogs are real strangers when it comes to self-control

It's really fun to watch here. These four well-behaved dogs in the video literally get a treat in front of their noses. They hold back until the owner gives the go. Impressive how they pull themselves together considering the delicious smell of the dog's bone. "You are real nerds!" Would say their fellows now. Bravo!

The four cute dogs are waiting for their master's command like particularly good-natured children, who have been promised chocolate when they sit there and prove their excellent impulse control. And that even though they don't even know if there is still a reward for such an almost nerdy obedience. The sweeties deserve it - and luckily their owner agrees. Incredibly funny how the well behaved Hundis sit next to each other in perfect synchronization and pounce on the treats when the sound of their master's voice sounds. Very heartfelt idea!

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