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Dog mom Cora sees her cute puppies again

When the dog lady Cora was admitted to the animal protection organization Marin Humane Society, the helpers noticed during an examination that she had recently had babies. But where had her puppies gone? After careful research, they found Cora's dog children - and brought them back to her. In the video you can see the heartwarming reunion of the small dog family:

How much dog mom Cora must have missed her little Schnufelschnuten! Fortunately, the zookeepers didn't give up until they found the people who had given Cora and convinced them to bring the grieving dog mom back together with their puppies. At the beginning she is still very scared and insecure, crawls into a corner.

However, when the helper pulls the four baby dogs out of the transport box one after the other, Cora can no longer hide her joy. She is overjoyed to receive her little puppies again and the mini wuffs are happy to be with her mom again. After a short hesitation, the fur nibbles frolicked around the milk bar. What a nice happy ending!

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