Burying a cat in your own garden: is that allowed?

When a cat's seventh life is over, many wonder: Can I bury my cat in my own garden? After all, the Stubentiger has become a permanent member of the family and should therefore be given a dignified resting place. Allowed or not? The legal situation on this topic is clear. Image: Shutterstock / Nailia Schwarz

Basically allowed: burying the cat in your own garden

If your cat has died, you can bury your deceased pet in your own garden. Pet funerals are always permitted if the property is private and not located in a water protection area. On the other hand, anyone who chooses a public wooded area as their final resting place for their room tiger must expect high fines. A special regulation also applies to the federal state of Bremen: animal funerals are not permitted, even on private land, since the city is too densely populated and the groundwater level is quite high.

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Restrictions on the cat grave on their own grounds

If you want to bury your cat in the garden, you have to accept some restrictions. If the cat has died and has an infectious disease, you must refrain from the grave in the garden. Your animal partner's resting place must also be within one to two meters of public paths and squares.

It also specifies how deeply you have to bury your pet in your own garden. The grave should be at least 60 centimeters underground. It is best to bed your deceased darling in a woolen blanket or cardboard box. The material should be biodegradable. Then cover the resting place with sufficient soil. It is best to fill it up a little, as it will sag a little later. You can then lovingly design the grave. A beautiful stone, flowers, or seedling that grows into a beautiful tree give the grave a dignified appearance.