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Bernese Mountain Dog deal: Which dog sport?

At first glance, the friendly Bernese Mountain Dog seems to be more of a cozy, somewhat sedate nature. He loves to move and thrives with the right dog sport. Here you can find out which dog sports are particularly suitable for the meek giant. The Bernese Mountain Dog loves to move, but has to take care of his joints during dog sport - Shutterstock / Maria Ivanushkina

Due to its stature, the Bernese Mountain Dog has to take care of its joints a little. Therefore, dog sport, which is all about maneuverability and jumping, is unsuitable for him. The risk of injuring yourself with agility, fly ball and Co. is just too great. Instead, however, all dog sports are great for the Bernese Mountain Dog, which require its endurance, strength and intelligence.

Train dog sport with the Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs originally come from Switzerland, where they were bred as farm dogs. Their duties included that of a watchdog and cattle dog that held the herds together. In addition, the farmers liked to put the big, strong four-legged friends in front of a cart so that they could help with the transport of goods. You can still do dog training with your Bernese Mountain Dog today.

There are different disciplines, for example pulling a dog or handcart, which most closely corresponds to the original task of the Bernese. But the Bernese Mountain Dog is also enthusiastic about dog trekking - long hiking with your four-legged friend.

It is important that the pulling harness fits perfectly and was explicitly made for the respective dog sport. If it presses or constricts in the wrong places and the load is not evenly distributed, your dog can get injured and in great pain.

Bernese Mountain Dog as a rescue dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is also ideal for training as a rescue dog. This dog sport also includes several disciplines, such as track and area searches, nose work, mantrailing and exercises to train the dog's sense of balance and body control.

The task is to overcome various obstacles such as bridges, tunnels and hurdles. Unlike agility, these obstacles are less about speed, but more about skill, accuracy and concentration.

Bernese Mountain Dog: The Big One from Switzerland

Intelligence games with the Bernese Mountain Dog

In addition, the Bernese Mountain Dog also enjoys dog sport, where he can use his intelligence. For example, hide toys or treats that he then has to track down. Or you try to teach your four-legged friend tricks, for example cleaning up, hanging out laundry or carrying shopping bags into the house. Make a change from time to time and think of new exciting tasks as soon as your Bernese Mountain Dog has mastered a trick well. So it never gets boring.

Strengthen the bond with the dog with obedience

Obedience training is used to practice obedience with the dog. However, this is not about submissiveness and drill, but - on the contrary - about strengthening the bond between humans and animals and improving communication with each other. This dog sport challenges your Bernese Mountain Dog both mentally and physically and is particularly fulfilling for him because he can be very close to his favorite person.

Over time, your fur nose will learn to understand you better and you will also learn to better understand dog language. This also applies to the Rally Obedience variant. Dog sports do not always have to be wild and fast, but also exercises that require strength and strengthen the mental abilities of the four-legged friend make the dogs happy. Especially when it comes to such lovable, good-natured breeds as the Bernese Mountain Dog.