If cats run sideways: Possible meaning

Most of them are kittens or young cats that run sideways. This is usually no cause for concern, but to be understood as a prompt to play. Your fur nose will then practice making yourself big, so that if necessary you can look as scary as possible. In some cases, going sideways can mean something else. "Ouaaah! I'm a big, scary tiger!": Little Minimiez tries to look bigger - Shutterstock / Serhii Moiseiev

Cats are very playful and practice the best possible behavior for emergencies when romping. After all, you never know whether you, as a domestic cat, will have to use your hunting skills and defense strategies at some point, so it's good to be prepared. When the room tigers run sideways, that's usually just as playful.

Kitten or young cat runs sideways: playing mood

You have probably seen it more often with your kitten or young cat that the velvet paws suddenly run sideways, make a cat hump, bounce on you and away again, each hair upright. The fur noses try to appear as big as possible to intimidate their opponent. If there is no real "enemy" present, try to include your favorite people or other cats in the household in your exercise game. In the video, the kitten shows that the miniature cats look anything but scary, but just incredibly cute:

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Cats that run sideways may be scared

However, cats may not only run sideways because they play, that they defend themselves, but because they really feel threatened. Then walking sideways with a hump is a sign of fear. Most of the time, the difference between play and seriousness can be determined by the fact that the scared cat retreats rather, also puts its ears close, and signals by hissing and spitting that one should stay away from it. A playful kitten, on the other hand, bounces towards and away from its imaginary opponent, perhaps nudging it with its paw to persuade it to play along.

Sideways walk in cats: when to the vet?

If cats run sideways, this may also indicate that they have abdominal pain and are sick. So pay attention to the overall behavior of your velvet paw and the context. If she doesn't jump back and forth, nudge her paw and looks healthy, alert and in a good mood, she is either afraid, painful or both. Is your otherwise trusting cat retiring? Does your otherwise rather silky fur nose suddenly suddenly meow loudly and heart-wrenching? Does it run slowly, with its stomach drawn in sideways, maybe looks a little dazed or fluctuates?

In these cases and with other behaviors that seem strange to you and that are unusual for your house tiger, you should go to the vet as soon as possible. It could be a painful constipation, but life-threatening bowel obstruction is also possible. Other digestive problems are also possible, such as diarrhea or parasites. If in doubt, a visit to the vet is always recommended, even if it turns out to be a false alarm. It's still better than when your cat is suffering. However, it is much more common for cats to run sideways because they simply want to play with you or their peers.