Fan and air conditioner dangerous for pets?

In summer, the fan and air conditioning ensure pleasantly cool temperatures - but unfortunately also for drafts. This can be dangerous for pets and make them sick. Find out how to best protect your guinea pigs, budgies, dogs and cats here. Caution! Draft from the fan is not good for dogs and other pets - Shutterstock / Ezzolo

If you want to cool off for yourself and your pets, fan and air conditioning are not the best choice. The cold draft from the devices is harmful to health and the loud hissing and roaring is unpleasant for the fine hearing of animals.

Danger from fan and air conditioning for pets

The greatest danger from air conditioning and fans is the drafts from the devices. Small animals and birds in their enclosures and cages in particular can be life-threatening if they are directly exposed to the draft. Dogs and cats can move around freely in the apartment and withdraw when it gets too cold.

Drafts can weaken the immune system and make pets more susceptible to colds and other infections. This applies in particular to the sensitive airways. In addition, neck stiffness, conjunctivitis and other eye diseases can result. The devices are also not conducive to healthy ears. Curious cats or dogs that come too close to a fan also run the risk of getting injured.

How to protect small animals and birds from drafts

The best thing is to leave the air conditioning and fan off in the room where your hamster, rabbit or parrot cage is located. The aviary is also ideally covered on three sides and protected from drafts. Guinea pigs and other small animals need a cozy little house or a cave to which they can retreat if necessary.

Make sure that your pets have enough to drink and are not exposed to direct sunlight, otherwise there is a risk of heat stroke. In summer it may make sense to move the cage to a cool, shady place where there is no draft; for example the laundry room or the pantry. An outdoor enclosure with lots of shade is also a good alternative.

Safety tips for dogs and cats

Four-legged friends and velvet paws can safely take themselves away from the draft, but you shouldn't take any risks. Make sure that the cold air does not blow onto your dog or cat's bed. In addition, only use fans that have protected rotor blades. If you leave the room, switch off the fan if possible, then the risk of injury to pets is lower.

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