Colorful kitten rattle and play

The mother of the little kittens in the video was taken in by pregnant people as a pregnant stray dog ​​and was allowed to give birth to her kittens in peace, security and warmth. Now their minimiezis are already five weeks old, explore their surroundings and measure their strength while maneuvering, romping and playing with their siblings. Meanwhile, Mama Miez is resting on the sofa and watching her plushies.

The pretty lucky cat was really lucky to find shelter with the lovely people who made the video. She gave birth to eight kittens - as a stray in the wild she would have been on her own and possibly overwhelmed. Who knows whether all the little pouty pout would have survived the exertions. Now they can romp and play to their heart's content in safety and security, while their mom takes a little break. So beautiful!

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