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Baby black footed cat at Brookfield Zoo

Black-footed cats are among Africa's smallest wild cats and are incredibly cute. The little animals are particularly cute as babies, as can be seen in the video. The cat Karoo was born in the Brookfield Zoo and raised with the bottle because his mom Cleo couldn't take care of him. In the first film, the lively guy is 6 weeks old, kept warm in an incubator when it's not feeding time or play time.

In the second video, baby black-footed cat Karoo is already three months old and is developing wonderfully. He explores his surroundings curiously, plays like a normal kitten and eats his meals with great appetite. With its thick fur, round head and big googly eyes, Karoo looks like a teddy bear. However, one should not forget that black-footed cats are wild cats despite their cuteness.

At six months, black-footed cat Karoo is allowed to play and romp in his enclosure. Even though he's bigger there, he still looks irresistibly cute:

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