Rottweiler Health: Are there race-related diseases?

Rottweiler are magnificent dogs with a great character. Unfortunately, like other dog breeds, there are certain diseases that can affect his health. Of course, the following applies: Nothing has to, everything can. Here you can learn more about the breed-related health risks of the Rottweiler. So that your Rottweiler stays healthy, you should speak to your veterinarian about preventive measures - Shutterstock / Idea Studio

What exactly are race-related diseases? These are diseases that occur particularly frequently in a certain breed of dog. There can be several reasons, such as genetic requirements for a dog breed, that make the respective disease likely. You can prevent some typical diseases, for example by eating right. Discuss this with your veterinarian. Rottweiler health is particularly susceptible to the following six ailments, which you must speak to the veterinarian about when you experience the first symptoms.

Heart venoconstriction

Unfortunately, Rottweiler can develop heart failure in the course of their dog's life. When the cardiac vein is narrowed, the veins around the heart no longer function properly, which means that the four-legged friend can tire quickly, become short of breath and suffer from cardiac arrhythmias. The reason for this is the fact that the lifeblood can no longer flow back properly. The narrowing of the cardiac vein in Rottweilers is hereditary.

Degenerative spinal inflammation

Rottweiler's health is also susceptible to so-called degenerative spinal inflammation. This is an injury to the spine that can cause fluid to build up in blood vessels. This leads to blockage of the vessels and inflammation. Spinal cord inflammation usually occurs as a result of unhappy movements such as body stretching and twisting, for example after jumps with a dirty landing.

Hip dysplasia

If you notice malformations of joint balls or acetabular cups in the hip area of ​​your Rottweiler, hip dysplasia (HD) is probably the reason for this. Suffering is one of the inherited diseases and is exacerbated by heavy strain. Hip dysplasia can be determined on the basis of X-rays in adulthood. A certain test at the veterinarian can also give certainty beforehand.

Elbow dysplasia

Elbow dysplasia (ED) is an unfavorable development of the forearms - which corresponds to the lower half of the front legs in dogs. Rottweiler can suffer from unstable elbow joints over the course of their lives, so they can put less strain on them and point their paws outwards in an unhealthy manner. The disease is caused by frequent, incorrect or particularly heavy strain on the elbows, such as frequent climbing stairs or excessive stress from long, hard walks.

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If your fur nose suffers from osteochondrosis, there may be problems with normal cartilage detachment in the joint. The disease can be caused by several causes - an inheritance error, circulatory disorders or excessive stress can be responsible. The disturbed detachment of the cartilage means that your Rottweiler moves uncertainly and does not run "smoothly".

Torn ACL

Unfortunately, Rottweiler health is also prone to cruciate ligament tears. The cruciate ligaments are located in the knee joints, where they have a supporting function. Excessive stretching or tearing a cruciate ligament can cause great pain. A dog with a torn cruciate ligament is usually severely paralyzed.