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Cat flat share in Japan is growing kittens

Until recently, the cats in the video lived ten in a Miez flat share in Japan - now they are eleven. A little lucky kitten, who was straying in front of the house of the favorite person of the fur noses, moved to them. However, before all cats share the apartment together, the soft toys first have to get to know each other.

In the first video, the ten cats and the little lucky kitten are separated from each other by a sliding glass door. So you can see yourself and look curiously, but still have your own safe space and retreat. The adult fur noses carefully watch the minimiez, but the small velvet paw is still very shy and careful. In the next video, she has gained a little more confidence and is playing exuberantly in her new home.

The film also tells you a little bit of the history, how the little lucky cat kept popping up in the garden and how the ten cats from the flat looked at her curiously. The favorite person of the fur Schnuten finally took pity and caught the cute cat girl, initially to care for them and to pass them on. Finally, however, he decided to keep the house tiger.

In the third video you can see the now eleven-person cat flat sharing how they eat together. The kitten does not seem to have gotten used to the fact that it never has to go hungry again, because when Katschen approaches Osamu to sniff the minimiez, she hisses at him indignantly.

Getting two cats used to each other: Tips for keeping them

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