Buy blanket for the dog: tips to choose from

A cozy blanket for your dog is part of the basic equipment; after all, the four-legged friends sleep or rest up to 20 hours a day, puppies and seniors even longer - and they like it warm, dry and cozy. The following tips will help you choose a suitable dog blanket. This relaxed long-haired chihuahua feels at home on his dog blanket - Shutterstock / Dora Zett

The blanket for your dog should be made of a robust, easy-care material that protects against moisture and cold at the same time and feels comfortable. Furthermore, it depends on whether you want to buy a dog blanket for your apartment or for traveling in the car.

Suitable materials for dog blankets

The right material is essential when choosing a blanket for your dog. It has to perform several tasks so that your four-legged friend feels comfortable on the one hand and you can easily clean the dog blanket on the other. Wool is not very suitable because it is very sensitive and cannot be washed easily. This allows bacteria and parasites to accumulate in it over time. High-quality synthetic materials are therefore recommended, provided that they are free of chemical pollutants and do not fluff.

Plush or fake fur blankets look cozy, but your dog can get caught in the long fibers with its claws and possibly swallow the detached lint. Fleece and cotton blends, on the other hand, are usually a good choice because they insulate well against cold in winter and heat in summer, but are also easy to care for and feel pleasant.

Dog blanket for the home or for the car?

If you are looking for a dog blanket for the apartment, it depends on whether the blanket is directly on the floor or should make the dog bed more comfortable. If it lies directly on the floor, a particularly thick dog blanket is recommended, which also has a non-slip surface so that your dog can also sit on it with a little more swing. For the dog bed, on the other hand, a simple blanket is sufficient - the advantage is that you no longer have to clean the dog bed so often, but usually only need to replace the dog blanket.

The dog blankets for car trips are usually even more robust than the blankets for the home. They should also have a non-slip coating on the underside, be a little thicker and also have loops, straps or Velcro fasteners so that they can easily be attached to the seats or to the protective grille for transport in the trunk.

Cleaning the blanket for the dog: practical tips

Before buying a blanket for your dog, take a look at the washing and care instructions. There you can see whether the dog blanket is machine washable and at what degree it can be washed. It is ideal if it can be washed in the washing machine at 60 degrees Celsius so that most bacteria and parasites are killed. If the material can only withstand washing temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius, you should wash the blanket more often, then not as many germs will accumulate in it. Even better, if dog blankets are allowed to tumble dry, your dog will be happy to have a cozy, warm blanket that is ready for use again shortly after washing.

Use a detergent that is as neutral as possible and do not put the blankets in the laundry together with human clothing, otherwise your sweaters, trousers and shirts will quickly become full of dog hair. Speaking of dog hair: Vacuum the blanket thoroughly before you put it in the washing machine, otherwise the loose hair can clog the fluff filter. Fabric softener, hygiene softener and fragrances are taboo when cleaning because the chemicals are potentially harmful to the dog and he feels strong smells with his fine dog nose as unpleasant. It is best to wash new dog blankets once or twice before letting your four-legged friend sleep on them to remove any residual pollutants.