Why do cats like to throw things on the floor?

Sometimes one might think that cats do certain things only to annoy us. For example, when they throw things on the floor. However, this is a misunderstanding, because the fur noses do not act out of malicious intent - rather, this habit is related to their hunting behavior and with the fact that the clever guys quickly understand how they can educate their favorite people in their sense. Approaching cat's paw: This smartphone has had a healthy display for a long time - Shutterstock / Koldunov Alexey

As a cat owner you have to be careful not to leave fragile objects on tables and shelves - there is a great risk that the objects will fall victim to the velvet paws and consequently fall to the floor. Why do cats do this?

Hunting instinct and curiosity: maybe it's a mouse?

Have you ever watched your cat play with its prey after a successful hunt? She nudges the mouse with her paw and if the animal tries to escape, it is put out of action with a targeted paw stroke. Domestic cats in particular train their hunting instinct when they throw things on the floor, after all it could be that the object is a potential prey that can only be recognized by a paw poke. But even if cats actually know that the objects are lifeless objects, they like to throw them down. This could be due to their natural curiosity, they just find it very exciting and entertaining to make things fall.

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Cats throw things on the floor out of boredom

Cats are more likely to miss their curiosity and hunting instinct on your home furnishings, pens, glasses, phone, office supplies, or collectibles if they have no alternatives. Boredom can be the reason if your fur noses keep throwing things on the floor. They notice that they attract your attention and that they are rewarded for their behavior, so to speak. Your velvet paw would then like to tell you that she wants to be noticed - either because she wants to play or because she is hungry. The cats in the following video even seem to enjoy throwing objects down:

Stop cats from throwing objects?

The instinctive behavior cannot be completely prevented, but at least you can ensure that it does not happen so often and does not break as much. Play regularly with your kitty and change the cat toy from time to time to keep it interesting. Try intelligence toys and food games that arouse your kitty’s curiosity. So she is better utilized and no longer has to look for an entertaining pastime. As a precaution, you should still keep fragile collectibles or valuables such as your cell phone out of the reach of your freak lines - for example in a drawer or glass display case.