Simon's Cat: Kitten is a real dirt finch

It all starts off peacefully and harmoniously in this video: Simon scrubs the kitchen floor cleanly, while Simon's Cat cleans himself devotedly. But then Simon takes a short break and in the meantime the little kitten comes back from his garden trip ...

The paws are full of mud and leaves and twigs are caught in the fur. When the kitten crawls through the cat flap and greets its adult cat buddy with a purring cuddle, it leaves muddy paw prints on the doormat. Simon's Cat wants to prevent the cheeky kitten from getting the kitchen dirty again and is cleaning his little furry nose friend. The kitten reluctantly endures this and then realizes that it is hungry.

It dips its little fluffy head into the filled bowl and munches a little to itself, then it does the same thing again with the second bowl. It distributes more food in its environment than in its mouth. After this strengthening it goes back into the garden and Simon's Cat remains in chaos. Now Simon comes back and is horrified to see that all his cleaning work was completely in vain, and believes that the big cat had ruined everything. "Oh-oh!" Simon's Cat thinks, "Time to go!" - and also disappears straight through the cat flap.

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