Why do dogs wait in front of the door? 5 possible reasons

When dogs sit in front of the door, they either want to go outside or wait for you or someone else to get through. Find out here what it is all about and when it could be an alarm sign that something is wrong. Separation anxiety can be a reason for dogs waiting outside the door - Shutterstock / Jaromir Chalabala

Dogs are very subtle and clever animals - they quickly understand what doors are good for. If you often wait outside the door, there can be various reasons. Most of them are harmless and can be easily interpreted with a little attention and understanding of dog behavior. However, there may also be a form of anxiety disorder behind which dogs cannot be alone.

1. Your dog has to

When puppies and young dogs learn to be house-trained, they quickly understand that the door goes outside, where they can detach themselves and heap themselves. Puppies who wait in front of the door and appear a little restless or tense, but otherwise show healthy behavior, usually just have to "potty".

2. Dogs can be afraid of separation

It gets more serious when dogs are constantly waiting in front of the door and do not otherwise leave your side. Then your four-legged friend may suffer from separation anxiety and be afraid of being alone or separated from your favorite person. Other behavioral problems with separation anxiety may be that your pet tends to whine, no longer master housekeeping or start breaking things as soon as it is alone. In this case, go to your veterinarian first to rule out an illness or pain as the cause of the behavior problems. Next, an animal psychologist and a good dog trainer can help you and your dog overcome the separation anxiety.

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3. Wait at the door: bitch in heat?

Fluency in the bitch or bitches in heat nearby can also cause your four-legged friend to wait in front of the door. In this case, the hormones of both males and dogs are crazy, the animals become restless, seem stressed and fidgety. In this case, your bitch in heat will go outside and your dog will want to get out as soon as possible as soon as he has sniffed a bitch in the area. In this case, waiting in front of the door indicates that your dog can hardly stand it in the house. Unless you are planning to have young dogs, you should consider neutering to save your pet from hormonal chaos.

4. Boredom and enterprising

Sometimes there is simply boredom when dogs wait in front of the door. If they do not get enough attention and are underused and underused, the animals get bored quickly. Waiting in front of the door is a sign that your dog really wants to go outside and do something.

5. Familiar sounds

Are you coming home and your dog is waiting for you at the door? This does not necessarily mean that he has fear of separation and has been waiting for you there all day long. It is also very possible - especially if your dog is normally healthy, alert and happy - that he simply heard the familiar sounds of your steps, your car or the garden gate and recognized that you were coming home. He doesn't wait for that long at the door, but only sat there shortly before your arrival.