Detect and treat sunburn in cats

Treat a sunburn in cats as soon as possible so that the symptoms do not get worse. If left untreated, repeated sunburns can even lead to skin cancer in house tigers. How can you recognize sunburn in velvet paws? A sunburn in cats itches terribly - Shutterstock / Dieter Hawlan

Apart from cat breeds without fur: isn't the body of the velvet paws protected from sunburn by the thick fur? Unfortunately not quite, because the fur is usually not very dense on the ears, the bridge of the nose and on the belly. Cats with white fur in these areas are particularly susceptible to sunburn.

Sunburn symptoms as in humans

Do you have a Sphynx cat or a fur nose with light skin on the ears, nose, mouth and / or belly? Then, when the weather is nice and the temperatures are hot, pay special attention to whether you can see the first signs of sunburn in your kitty. In principle, the symptoms of sunburn in cats are similar to those in humans. A slight burn is manifested by reddened skin, more sun damage is accompanied by blistering and inflammation. The affected skin later peels off, as is the case with people who have sunbathed for too long.

Because the sunburn triggers a severe itch in the cat, it may scratch the ears or nose. This reflex only makes things worse because the skin is scratched, but dirt and bacteria can also get into the wounds. Weeping, purulent inflammation can then be the result. The sunburnt edges of the ears can curl up, causing worst-case ulcers that can even cause skin cancer. You must have such skin damage treated by a veterinarian.

Treat mild sunburn in cats

If your cat's skin is only slightly red and does not scratch the sunburn, gentle cooling will help relieve the discomfort. This can be done, for example, with a damp cloth or some quark or yogurt on the affected area. A little unscented fat cream will also help keep the burned skin from drying out. Also, offer your cat fresh, cool water to drink - so you can treat the symptoms from the inside.

Shady spots for cats on hot days

On warm days, cats like to pull themselves under a shady tree or on the cool basement stairs ...

When does the cat have to go to the vet?

If in doubt or if you are not sure, go to the vet with your cat. If your room tiger is also starting to scratch or has already open skin, it is definitely advisable to visit the vet. The specialist can give the poor velvet paw a neck brace so that the wounds can heal without being scratched again and again. At the latest with inflammation, blisters or when the skin peels off, you should definitely consult a doctor so that he can treat them with special ointments and medications.