Nicely cool! Cats are happy about huge ice cream balls

In the summer heat, cats can also cool off a little. The owners of the velvet paws in the video came up with something really great. A huge ice ball to lick supplies the kitty with liquid and makes the high temperatures more bearable. All that is needed is a balloon, water and a freezer.

The balloon is filled with water, knotted and placed in the freezer. It stays there overnight and the balloon cover can be cut off the next day. The giant ice cream ball is ready for cats. The fur noses gratefully accept the refreshment and lick the ice off what it takes.

A kitty accidentally slaps her paw into the melt water and is startled: "Hey, wet!", She seems to think at first, but then she just licks the cool water off and runs away. Especially the youngest member of the cat family thinks the ice cream ball is great for another reason as well: The ball of wool can play great with it!

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