Vacation with a cat: prevent Miez from running away

Vacationing with a cat can be very stressful for poor babe. Occasionally, the change can be so confusing for the fur nose that it most wants to run away. You can prevent them from doing this with a few precautions. Vacation with a cat can be relaxing - Shutterstock / Papik

It's a difficult decision: on vacation with or without a cat? If you are concerned that your cat may run away in a strange environment, you can take the following tips to heart. In this way, the risk of escape can be kept within limits:

Better safe than sorry

Be sure to have your cat chipped and tattooed so that you can find it more easily if it really runs away. The markings allow the Miez to be clearly identified. However, a tattoo can fade over time and a chip is not visible from the outside. Therefore the double marking is safest. Furthermore, you should have your cat neutered if you want it to go on vacation or as a free-litter outside. Because when cats are neutered, they don't run that far on their forays and are easier to find. In this way you also avoid that free-roaming cats continue to multiply uncontrollably.

Cats get used to the foreign environment on vacation

If you can't avoid taking your cat on vacation, you should take it to your four-legged ...

Take special care of cats on vacation

If the cat comes on vacation with you, you have to be particularly careful so that it cannot run away. In addition, inquire in advance whether cats are allowed at the holiday destination of your choice. Even if your fur nose is allowed, some types of vacation are riskier than others in the event of a cat escape. In a hotel room, the fur nose can remain alone in between, but then this should be carefully regulated with the hotel staff. This prevents, for example, the cleaning staff from accidentally leaving the door or window open. The cat could otherwise escape unnoticed. A note in the national language with a reference to the four-legged hotel guest is also helpful.

If the velvet paw comes with you on a camping holiday, the risk of running away is particularly high. In this case, think about whether the kitty should better be looked after at home by a cat sitter or in a pet boarding house. In a holiday home or apartment, the risk is significantly lower - especially if your cat already knows the rooms. However, make absolutely sure not to leave the windows open unattended and to keep the front door closed at all times.