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Posture tips for the Chinese crested dog

When a Chinese crested dog moves in with you, you need one thing above all to offer it a species-appropriate attitude: a lot of time. The meek, faithful little guy loves his people so much that he is unhappy when he sees them too little. Romping outside is fun for the Chinese crested dog - Image: Shutterstock / DragoNika

The Chinese crested dog is basically a very adaptable dog. Cuddling, playing, learning tricks: he likes to do everything as long as his owners only deal with him and treat him as lovingly as he treats all two and four-legged friends. Caring for the dog from China is a little more demanding because its fur is very thin or even nonexistent on most parts of the body.

Posture of the dog: Beware of too much sun, wind and weather

The tender, small four-legged friend is of a much more robust health than you might think, but has little protection from the weather due to the sparse fur. In cold temperatures, rain and strong wind, its owners must therefore keep an eye on that it does not freeze - in case of doubt with a cozy dog ​​coat. Strong sun can also be dangerous for the Chinese crested dog, especially if it has very light skin. Avoid the midday heat with him in midsummer and prefer nice shady stretches for walks with him. You can also apply sunscreen for dogs to your darling.

How to employ the Chinese crested dog

There are many ways to make this companion and family dog ​​happy. Nice walks, during which he can romp and run with his peers and where his owners throw balls or pamper him in between, are wonderful for him. You can use it to learn tricks and practice dog sports such as agility or dog dancing. His intelligence and sportiness ensure that he shows himself talented in it.

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Overall, however, it is not particularly important to this dog how he is employed - the most important thing for him is that he is employed. At home he likes to lie on the sofa with his owners and be petted. It does not take up a lot of space and also feels comfortable in the apartment.