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Command "Stand": With much praise to the goal

Whether in dog sports or at the vet: the command "stand" can be extremely useful - either to stop your four-legged friend in one movement or to make him stand up. If you want to teach your dog this command, you should have enough treats in the house. The reward should never be missing during training - Image: Shutterstock / LarsTuchel

You don't need much to practice the command "stand" with your dog: make sure that the place where you train with your four-legged friend does not offer too much distraction and have a few high-quality treats ready. It is advisable to start the training with the simpler variant of "standing": Your dog should get up from sitting.

Introduce the "Stand" command

First, get your training partner to sit in front of you. Then take a treat in your hand and hold it a little way above your four-legged friend's nose so that he has to lift his butt and take a small step to get the food. The moment your dog stands up, say "stand" calmly and stretched and let him take the food out of his hand immediately. Repeat this exercise several times in a row in the next few days to slowly consolidate the command. Over time, you can slowly increase the amount of time your four-legged friend spends standing before getting the food.


Bring the dog to a stop

In dog sport, "standing up" from movement is an often required command. For this he runs with his feet and suddenly stops at the command. You can practice this if your four-legged friend is walking to the left of you, for example - in this case you should take a treat in your left hand. While walking together side by side, suddenly block your dog with your left hand so that it cannot help but stop. So that your dog does not sit down now, always keep the treat a little below his nose. Your training partner gets his reward exactly when he stands still - ideally at the same time as your command "stand".

Food bags for walking and dog sports

Food or snack bags are a good and easy way of transporting rewards on the go ...