Dogs with a hunting instinct: tips for more relaxed walks

Dogs with a hunting instinct can scare their owners a lot when they walk: if you suddenly run into the forest to hunt a rabbit or a chicken. But how can you stop it? Dogs with a hunting instinct do not always go for a relaxed walk - Image: Shutterstock / Ljupco Smokovski

There are many dogs with a hunting instinct, or rather: every dog ​​has one, but it is more pronounced in some breeds and less pronounced in others. Regardless of how strong your animal's instinct is: once a dog has sensed a track, it can hardly be stopped. So what is to be done while walking?

Dogs with a hunting instinct: practice early

First of all, as nice as it is to give the dog free-run, in some areas you have to keep him on a leash. Wherever Wild could lure him. Otherwise, the following applies: In order to be able to relax with a dog through nature, you should give him the possibility that he can live out his hunting instinct with you. And ideally you start with this in puppy age.

Go outdoors with your dog as early as possible. And if he wants to romp on the walk, let him. As soon as he calms down, you can call him. When he comes, reward him.

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Become a game partner during the walk

In addition, when walking through nature, you must make it clear to the dog that it is entertaining enough for you. Take balls or similar toys with you or throw a stick in the classic way. So it will be exciting with you, the dog does not have to look around so much for other things. Because one thing should be clear to you: you may like a relaxed walk without any action - but it is not for dogs with a hunting instinct.