Impressive pack animals: red deer

Red deer are powerful animals that live together in large packs. In our gallery we have gathered some interesting facts about pretty forest dwellers. This picture gallery ends with a great snapshot of these wonderful animals - Image: Shutterstock / arturasker Their head-trunk length is also between approximately 180 and 210 centimeters - Image: Shutterstock / Rob Christiaans The color of the coat can also vary depending on the season - Image: Shutterstock / Pim Leijen Very interesting: Every year the male red deer throw off their antlers ... - Image: Shutterstock / Mark Bridger ... whereby the new formation begins shortly afterwards and is completed after around five months - Image: Matt Gibson These animals live in forests, for example, and can often be found in clearings - Image: Shutterstock / Matt Gibson They feed on grass, field crops, acorns and tree bark, among other things - Image: Shutterstock / Mark Eastment Red deer feel good in the pack - Image: Shutterstock / Steve Simkins A little walk alone has to be - Picture: Shutterstock / davemhuntphotography

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