Tom Maru: "Relaxing on the couch is great!"

"The couch is so cozy! I'll stay here!", Maru thinks in this short video and makes himself comfortable on a sofa. And it looks like the fluffy cat particularly likes her sleeping place ...

"Relax" is apparently the new motto of tom cat Maru. While he has already proven in other films that he is a nimble and cheeky fellow, he now has the peace himself. The cat has made himself comfortable on the couch in the home living room of his owners and does not even think about getting off the spot to move.

Lying on his back with his paws close to his body, he slumbers to himself and takes no notice of his owners - who have eagerly pulled out the camera to capture this moment. Only now and then a slight wagging of his tail can be seen. A completely satisfied Maru! Nice!

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