Keyring made of living animals: petition with great success

The outrage about the Chinese key fobs from living animals was rightly enormous. Fortunately, the animal rights activist's petition to ban this scandalous practice has been a resounding success.

Recently reported on the scandalous practice of making key rings out of animals. Small animals such as turtles or fish are sealed in plastic bags and die after only a few days. The portal then launched an online petition with the aim of having the key fobs banned.

Successful online petition for ban on key fobs

On Wednesday, March 20th, over 71,200 people signed the petition against the nauseating key chain. In order for the petition to be submitted to the Chinese government, only a further 3,800 signatures are missing. We of course fully support this campaign and call on our readers to help ban keychains. Click here for the online petition.

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