Korat cat: that's her character

The Korat cat is a pretty, sensitive cat with a friendly character. The closeness to people and conspecifics is important to her - taking care of them is a matter of course for representatives of the breed. A beauty: The Korat cat - Image: Shutterstock / R. Gino Santa Maria

Whether family or individual, quieter or a little more busy environment: the harmony loving Korat cat can adapt wonderfully to most situations as long as they are not too hectic. This makes it a very uncomplicated velvet paw with many good properties.

Korat cat: friendly and people-oriented

The Korat cat is considered sensitive and receptive to the moods of its people. Gentle, affectionate and patient as it is, you just have to take her to heart. With its type, it also belongs to the cat breeds that are wonderful for children. These should of course be cat-experienced, treat their pet sensitively and know that they have to leave the Asian fur nose alone if they don't feel like playing or being petted.

Active and social character

With her playful, curious nature, the lively Korat cat loves to go on adventures and exploration tours and to know everything exactly. The four-legged friend with the social character prefers to do this in a double pack: in a single position, she would feel lonely and sad.

Cat's eyes: mesmerizing looks

When choosing a suitable companion, it should be borne in mind that the cat is very social, but also dominant and self-confident. The two animals should therefore have grown physically and match each other in terms of their species - best of all, they are used to one another from an early age.