Four times healthy cat grass for your house tiger

Cat grass has many health benefits - especially for domestic cats because it stimulates digestion. There are different options for this nutritional supplement: There is the grass planted or as seeds for home cultivation. Four times healthy cat grass for your room tiger - Image: Shutterstock / Veera

1. For hobby gardeners: seed mix to plant yourself

If you want to do something good for your room tiger, you can do it with cat grass. You can grow this seed mixture yourself in the apartment - and thus also determine the amount. The basic mix is ‚Äč‚Äčideal for any cat owner who wants to grow cat grass in a controlled manner.

2. With massage: the grass garden for velvet paws

Cat grass with extras! The grass garden not only offers healthy cat grass for your house tiger, but also a pleasant wellness experience. The acupressure pad around the grass gently massages your cat's paws. So your room tiger has all the nutritional benefits of cat grass and a pleasant massage.

3. The eye eats with: mouse bowl with cat grass

Cat-and-mouse game with cat grass: This mouse bowl also looks good and looks pretty in the apartment. The cat grass provides valuable vitamins and stimulates the digestion of your pet - at the same time the cute bowl shaped like a mouse with its paw prints looks chic.

4. The perfect present: cat grass gift box

If you keep cats in your home, you will appreciate the benefits of cat grass. Would you like to share it with your friends? Offer this gift box with cat grass. There are: a plant pot with coconut bevels, a coconut shell, the finished seed mix and a plant marker. So nothing stands in the way of healthy cat grass enjoyment for the velvet paw. A sensible and at the same time beautiful gift that every cat owner will be happy about.

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